Sales. What we know. What we do. Who we coach.

There’s a well-worn adage which might be revised to “those that can do, those that can’t coach”. But, at Cotmandene, the very opposite is true – we’ve been there and done it. We believe that coaching sales people comes from a deep understanding of what makes them tick, the challenges they face, and likely reasons why they chose a career in selling in the first place.

We use a combination of active listening, with a positive but challenging approach, and Transactional Analysis. This helps clients uncover any repeated patterns of non-performance and aid their understanding of how and where they can change their behaviour to bring about a different outcome.

Issues tackled might include management or leadership training, sales skills and techniques, negotiation, team building and communication skills, change delivery and management, self and team appraisal, presentation skills, or simply confidence building.

“Coaching is a conversation with a purpose, also a space where someone can think through what is going on for them/an opportunity to do ‘great thinking”. Julie Starr

Author, The Coaching Manual

Our coaching sessions are all designed to help fast track clients into the right activities and habits that can help them succeed, and quickly.